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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Fetching, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Fetching

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  2. Whiskey

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  3. Fetching

    Fetching Member

    Think you can put this as an auto message on the server Joel?
  4. kory_sylvan

    kory_sylvan Administrator Staff Member

    Voted; do you whether it's a one time only vote or a once a day vote?
  5. Fetching

    Fetching Member

    You can vote once every 24 hours! Even with 50+ votes we can be in the top few hundred on this website, which will eventually bring us lots of players.
  6. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    I have more banners/links to add, will probably do so tomorrow.
  7. jayray21

    jayray21 New Member

    Voted. Glad we're finally getting our name out there.
  8. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    Can we please get this message to all the players on the server so far only 20 votes has been made 5-10 of them being me we need more votes and fast
  9. kory_sylvan

    kory_sylvan Administrator Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure another 5-10 are mine, which means only a couple people are voting. :( We have an auto message on the server about the voting and it's on the front page of the website, so I'm not sure what we could do to encourage voting, except to nag regular players to vote more often, which is probably a bad idea to be honest...
  10. Fetching

    Fetching Member

    Well we had 35 votes last month, they disappeared when we rolled over to May, so I assume they refresh each month. We just have to be persistent :) I'm working on a completely decked out planetminecraft page in the mean time.
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  11. kory_sylvan

    kory_sylvan Administrator Staff Member

    I found the old posting on MinecraftServers.net for HaftaCraft, but it won't let me vote on my hotel internet. :( I don't know who the original poster is, but if someone is the OP for that listing please speak up and let us know so we can improve the listing, replace it, leave it, etc. The link is here: http://minecraftservers.net/server/2151/ Let me know if it's good enough to add to the main listing on the front page or not.

    EDIT 1: I also found the old listing on minestatus.net: https://minestatus.net/55848-haftacraft

    EDIT 2: I also found an old listing on MCSL, but wow it's ancient: http://mcserverlist.net/servers/4d5afa1c4e99007eb5000003

    EDIT 3: And a listing on minecraft-server-list.com: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/106057/

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