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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RufusT, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    Sissy Boy.... :D
  2. xXzTRAVISzXx

    xXzTRAVISzXx New Member

  3. Le_troll

    Le_troll New Member

    Hey Le_trollmister here.. Kind of a new player but I loved the time I had on here. Going invis and killing insta damage II pot spamming. Potjies quadrupal grinder or the raid of Mathias. All great times and sad to see it all go. If you want to play with me just msg me and ill give you the ip I play on now. Cheers to everyone and thanks for making a truly great server
  4. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    Just throwing this out there for Scott.......... Minecraft Feed The beast i think you should give it a try to make a server like that people love it and it might be a way to bring hafta back
  5. Jim

    Jim New Member

    RIP, thanks for all the good memories HC and staff.
  6. FunkyGerbil

    FunkyGerbil New Member

    Huh, that sucks. I hadn't played on haftacraft for one and a half years or so and thought I'd check up on it, but it turns out I was too late. I had many fun times on there, thanks guys.
  7. Lme999

    Lme999 New Member

    I'd always love to see a revival of this server. It's the only one I actually enjoy playing on, nothing else is just like it. Even a Feed The Beast server with the general same rules I would enjoy playing as Potjie suggested.
  8. jayray21

    jayray21 New Member

    What's good everyone? I second what lme said. Totally down to start playing again, nothing is quite like Haftacraft was.
  9. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

  10. _Laance

    _Laance New Member

    Did The server like shut down or something? Cuz I recently logged on and it's still online... This an old post or something? 1.6.2
  11. King of Mongoose

    King of Mongoose New Member

    its a 2 year post from 2013 but noones ever on now
  12. _Laance

    _Laance New Member

    I noticed.... There are a few people from my school that play on haftacraft.. There are like 8 others than me... Oh yeah, kory needs to put ClearLag so items despawn quicker
  13. megalomaniac3141_2

    megalomaniac3141_2 New Member

    I remember this server. Its megalomaniac3141. Its been ages since I've even thought about minecraft. I quit ages ago. I remember so many things about this server. It was an amazing server in its prime. I remember some of you guys (kory potjie travis and a few others.) I found the minecraft app on my pc and thought id check up on hafta after TWO YEARS or something but its shut down. Sorry i missed it. I have no idea if anyone will read this but I want to say this: Haftacraft was a one of a kind server out there. It was the ONLY server i played on. All other servers didn't meet up to standards. So thanks for a really great time. Anyways this is mega signing off for the last time. Good luck in life guys.
  14. _Laance

    _Laance New Member

    Yo mega, the server is still on, it's just the fact that fewer people go on (just saying, I joined after the restart)
  15. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    Mega, the server is in fact back up and running ... it's just been a matter of finding time to actually revive it fully. Still a lotta things to fix on it but slowly but surely it's coming back!

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