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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RufusT, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member


    The screenshot says it all ... all good things must come to an end.

    The leaders and I have made the executive decision to shut down the HaftaCraft Minecraft server at 1.haftacraft.com. We had a long and successful streak, much longer than most any other Minecraft server out there, and it pains all of us to have to do this.

    1.haftacraft.com will be taken offline Wednesday morning about 7:00am CST

    The website and TeamSpeak server will remain up and active, but most anything relating to the Minecraft server will be closed off (Forum threads, TS channels, etc.). Speaking of TeamSpeak ...

    TEAMSPEAK MAINTENANCE: I'll be performing maintenance on the TeamSpeak server. This is a complete wipe of the server and upgrade to the latest (3.0.10) version so no more out-of-date messages! I'll be doing this somewhere around 7:00am CST on Wednesday
  2. kory_sylvan

    kory_sylvan Administrator Staff Member

    R.I.P. HaftaCraft. :( It's hard to believe I've been playing on the server for two and a half years now, staff for almost two years (if I remember correctly, I joined end of April/beginning of May 2011 and became a moderator November 14 the same year). So many memories... Hopefully those who still enjoy our company will talk with us on the TeamSpeak and the forums even with the server shut down. :D

    Also, I just realized you'll probably need to rerank me and Joel once you've completed the TeamSpeak maintenance; will you be online around 8:15 EST tonight when I get home from work?
  3. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    I blame Joel for this!..... if he only listened to the right people this would have never happened......
    We all warned him this would happen

    Edit: might as well shut the TS down also completely...... the only people that use it is Kory, Joel and the "fucktard bunch"...... Jared and his crew, and i am sure if they had there way they would run TS also into the ground
  4. Mr.Ratmaz313

    Mr.Ratmaz313 New Member

    BOOM!!!!!!!!! HEAD SHOT BITCHES!!!!!!!

    Let the idiots run the server and make fucking stupid ass moves and this is what you get. About fucking time!
  5. elliott blaser

    elliott blaser New Member

    It's been a while gents. but i was wondering if anyone had the world file for the creative map because i need to see the schematics for my redstone. please send it to yokashio1996@yahoo.com if anyone has it. thanks.
  6. ApproveMe

    ApproveMe Member

    Good times Haftacraft. Was a good run compared to most servers! The server was part of quite a bit of my life providing endless enjoyment, no regrets.
  7. Nonverbalboomer459

    Nonverbalboomer459 New Member

    It did have a good run and it will be missed. potjie who would have been the "right people" you and your butt buddy ratmaz.
  8. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    Ben i told you many times rather do not try to be a smart ass its not in you.......
    The whole server except Jared and his crew voted against it not just a few
  9. Fricken_Cat

    Fricken_Cat Member

    HaftaCraft: Creating arguments, even on it's deathbed.

    Gg Hafta, good times were had.
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  10. jayray21

    jayray21 New Member

    Never really been a part of an online community like this one. It was awesome, both the highs and the lows. So glad I got to meet all of you, and I honestly won't forget the times we had. Sorry for any trouble I caused, sorry for any feelings I hurt. Love you guys. Thanks for everything.
  11. Nonverbalboomer459

    Nonverbalboomer459 New Member

    Potjie i never said just a few people voted against it and i am not trying to be a smart ass. Anyways show some respect to a dead server potjie
  12. ApproveMe

    ApproveMe Member

    Benny boy, it's fine. I'm not even sure what he is going on about, haha. Some of you fools need to get on the ts sometime though and hit me up for some MC or league. :D
  13. Cabbage

    Cabbage New Member

    What Jay said. Hmu on Steam.
  14. MattBanana

    MattBanana New Member

    I would just like to add my sentiments to this very auspicious occasion. For close to 3 and a half years I have been a part of this server. I remember the very early days in Old Spawn City when everyone built side by side and would venture together to the what seemed in those days to be the very edge of the map (though I never actually reached the world edge on the original map, Acsparks and me nearly got there but the map just stop generating trees :p). Those early days were definitely some of the best and I know it sounds cheesy but we were all for a time a little community from multiple backgrounds which made the experience of playing with you guys all the more enjoyable. This was the first server I ever joined and to be honest the only one I have really felt a part of. I am very sadened to see it shut down be I am glad to have be a part of it. Rufust, Whiskey, thank you very much for trusting me with the title of architect, I am in actual life applying University College London to study architecture and this server was sort of a big playground for me and I would really like to join any server you two are a part of so we can continue the laughs :p Well good bye Haftacraft, you were one hell of a good server :)
  15. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    Ah, I remember the days of old.
    Building together and playing together.
    I'm not sure how many times we all hooked up and goofed off by spawn
    the old city was by far the most fun. everyone building together, neighbor to neighbor, accidentally mining into another person's basement :p
    but all good things must come to an end.
    I miss all of you, even though it has been a while.
    Especially travis, i miss you the most BB.
    Hit me up on steam, I'm currently running a server and looking for people to help run it. Matt I hear of your legendary building skill and would love to see it in action.

    -Audible_Savage. Formally known as hcm123

    ps. nambla members in particular are required to seek psychological help.
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  16. Chromaberry

    Chromaberry New Member

    Man, and I was just about to come back after being focused so much on school. R.I.P. It was fun while it lasted. Haftacraft was one of the greatest experiences I had in Minecraft, and it was more than just any other server. It was a fun and close community and I loved playing on the server for the one year that I played. I am really going to miss this server. Thank you everyone for all the fun times! :D
  17. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    'Twas a very tough decision, for all of us involved in it. I of all people enjoyed playing the game, the community of players, running the server and watching people build big penises in the HaftaCraft horizon ... all things I'll never forget. Thanks to each and every one of you that made HaftaCraft what it was and for branding our memories as a result. Thanks to those of you who donated your hard-earned money, it greatly helped ease the burden on my wallet :) Maybe HaftaCraft will resurface in the future ... I wish I had the time like I used to to play/administer the server.
  18. SammyPandaForev

    SammyPandaForev New Member

    Even though I was banned back in July or so last year and a lot of people didnt care for me, I still loved the time I had on the server. Through all the good times and the fun times, HaftaCraft was an outstanding and wonderfull server. The people I became friends with over time and even some friends I may have lost we all had great times together memories I can't forget. Even though I don't play Minecraft or ext.. anymore HaftaCraft was my favorite server. I still remember building the house outside the old spawn, and getting Potjie, initium and everyone up there, to just have fun even if it meant getting our asses kicked and having to bring out the Diamond protection 4 armor, swords and potions, we still had a great time. Sorry for all the trouble I caused during my time there and all the people I was ever rude to or just really didn't get along with. And finally to the people that may remember me which a lot of people did or maybe forgot, but mostly to old friends thanks for giving me a wonderful time :). Also thanks for putting up with me lol.
  19. richknight203

    richknight203 New Member

  20. xXzTRAVISzXx

    xXzTRAVISzXx New Member

    I feel almost silly that I haven't commented on this yet.

    I spent a lot of time playing on this server, I actually remember the very first day I joined. Tim (Tsquad23) and I ran out to the middle of nowhere and built a 20x20x100 square building with 20x20x5 rooms made of different materials going straight up. I remember asking people countless times how to build axes and shovels, and having Rufust randomly appear with his Big Black man skin.. with a certain characteristic about it that made it suit him very well.. cough. Or the many months spent explaining to new players the "railroad Rufust is building" that.. actually never got built come to think about it :).

    There were definitely many memories made on this server, and this server alone. I know if anyone reads this that knows me in real life, they're going to give me shit for being "sappy" with this post, but the fact that the community that came out of this server know's each other so well is really amazing. So many great personalities that I would've never gotten to meet, so many hours spent thinking of new ways to piss FlyingHam off, or Prelude85. Names that if I ever see again I'll recognize instantly. The server had it's ups and it had it's downs, but more importantly it gave something for my group of real life friends to all play, and socialize on, and that is really something that can't be replaced.

    Scott, you creepy, but yet lovable MFer, I thank you more than you know for having run this server for so many years, and especially keeping it updated when you could, along with the other admins like Joel and Kory, and not to mention for keeping the Teamspeak server active. *Speaking of which, if you ever need help paying for the Teamspeak server, myself and many others I'm sure would not mind one bit donating to keep it up; as it's been a means of communication for us for several years.* Hit me up on Facebook, I had you added I think, or add my skype Dovahazard.

    Thanks again, I know I pissed a whole hell of a lot of you off, and I couldn't be happier knowing that! You guys were great.
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