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  1. RufusT

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    Looking for feedback, suggestions, etc. on rules for the new server. Been a long time since I've dealt with the individual rules since the other mods/admins have faded away so I need help in this department.
  2. CaveCreeper

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    Alright lets talk about the rules. Currently we are running what i'de like to call version v2.0 of the Haftacraft ruleset, only allowing one locked chest instead of the original "a block ontop" that you couldn't take off. A sudo-raid server that functions off of both the ability to create functioning red stone locks as well as hidden bases.

    This is an administrating nightmare.

    There is just so much the rules have to account for leading to alot of confusion, and even though the staff spent a lot of time trying to make a crackless foundation some stuff still slipped through. So what type of ruleset should we adopt? Continue with what we have and add in some patchwork, or start heading towards a more basic foundation without the raiding aspect? Factions is out of the question though, incase anyone feels like trying to pass that off as an idea.
  3. Potjie

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    Faction was was the reason the server went down in the first place so i say fuck no to that. You are right tho and there is allot of rules when it comes to raiding.
    I do feel tho that if people want to play good old hafta they just have to follow the rules and we must just set it out as clear as possible, but this is not up to me just my opinion
  4. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    I completely forgot about the v1.0 ruleset of placing a block on top. Wow how far we've come. Regardless, I think the redstone locks and hidden bases is the direction I want to go. This allows for defense and offense to continually evolve and improve against each other. Admittedly, it sucks to lose all your shit, but you gotta secure it better.....that's no different than the real world today.

    In all fairness, "Factions" was only implemented through an amalgamation of plugins and self-imposed rules. I'd like to consider a faction world somewhere in the future of HaftaCraft but we need to build/establish a concrete foundation of users first. The Factions plugin is supposed to streamline a lot of the overhead, but does require a lot of system resources so I'll need to allocate accordingly if we get there.

    So for now, Factions is way off in left field until HaftaCraft can rebuild.

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