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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RufusT, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.24.02 PM.png

    I'm testing the server, some plugins and stuff
  2. Lme999

    Lme999 New Member

    Lots of new things regarding UUID and plenty of unofficial working plugins for 1.8.3

    @RufusT, does this mean Haftacraft may come back?
  3. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    @Lme999 - That's the intention. I won't be managing it, so someone's going to have to manage the day-to-day stuff, but I can never seem to get far enough away from HC/MC so might as well bring it back.

    The server's up-and-running right now, I've removed the whitelist because the seed hasn't been picked yet. Slowly testing plugins and such.

    For anyone interested, I suggest you follow/subscribe to this thread, I'll post more info as things progress.
  4. Lme999

    Lme999 New Member

    I just connected for a quick moment, it feels nice just connecting to this IP again.

    I'm always here and willing to help out if I'm needed.
  5. ApproveMe

    ApproveMe Member

    Yes. No disappearing on us or giving false hope. Both me and Andi are 100% willing to help out with whatever (I'm speaking for her).​
  6. timanater23

    timanater23 Member

    Yea whenever i try to join it says something about MCBans. Did i really ALREADY get banned?
  7. mastermoron

    mastermoron New Member

    This is only allowed to happen if Kory comes back.
  8. Shadowfire6555

    Shadowfire6555 Member Staff Member

    Shoot me a text Scott and let me know what I can do to help. I just got my minecraft working again today so perfect timing.
  9. Mr.Ratmaz313

    Mr.Ratmaz313 New Member

    You going to be running the old rules. NO greifing...Legit door..that type of thing?
  10. kory_sylvan

    kory_sylvan Administrator Staff Member

    Let me know if you need anything, I'll do my best to get on and help whenever I can; once my finals are done in a couple weeks I'm hoping I'll have some free time to be able to do things like Minecraft again :)
  11. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    What is the ip again?
  12. timanater23

    timanater23 Member

  13. timanater23

    timanater23 Member

    oh im gunna fucking kill you
  14. Potjie

    Potjie Member

    LoL why Tim?......................
    where you the one i raided?
  15. timanater23

    timanater23 Member

    i will find you.
  16. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    Yup, my full intent is to get the server back up and running again, in pretty much the same fashion as before. I can administer the server itself, but going to have to rely on everyone to establish the rules, day-to-day stuff, etc. Some of the plugins we were used to haven't been actively developed so I might need to find alternatives.

    To whoever built the big pool (I think it was you Tim), I'm sorry but this seed isn't the final one either. I'll save this seed for now, but the next map I'll try to make that the permanent seed.
  17. timanater23

    timanater23 Member

    Oh no problem, I figured it was temporary I was just bored.
  18. Lme999

    Lme999 New Member

    That's what I'm hoping.
  19. redding42223

    redding42223 New Member

    NAMBLA is coming back baabyyyyyyyyy
  20. Shadowfire6555

    Shadowfire6555 Member Staff Member

    You all are going down :)

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