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  1. EliteWaffleDude

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    Hello everyone, my name is EliteWaffleDude, also known as NotRixr_, and InfinitySonic. I was planning to do a YouTube series on the channel where i cover the biography of some of the players as well as major events such as Everyone vs Factopia and etc. If anyone has screenshots of old haftacraft my discord is: InfinitySonic#2127

    Lets start making this server a community again
  2. RufusT

    RufusT Member Staff Member

    I think there are some old screenies littered on the forums, you can probably find. If I find some I'll send 'em your way.
  3. hamburger_14

    hamburger_14 New Member

    If you go on youtube and search haftacraft there are a few videos laying around.
  4. glenn__beck

    glenn__beck New Member

    This video is not actually shot on a haftacraft server but features a mod I wrote for haftacraft (which was maybe briefly installed but I think it was never installed due to my antics) and also a library designed by another haftacraft player Crubers69.

    Here are two crappy screenshots I have laying around, and the stories around them:


    This was the day I spent trying to break into the old admin pet shop (spawn egg shop at spawn.) I was experimenting with removing blocks on my client (which were still fully intact on the server) and trying to force my way through to see what would happen. This was after hours of trying to find an iChestShop (IIRC) sign that was within a certain distance of a location a player entity could assume from outside the shop. I got really really close to one sign, but still couldn't quite reach it. Back then (and maybe still today) you could click any block within a certain radius, even if you didn't have line of sight. The technique that finally worked was writing a program to automatically remove those blocks on my client, and automatically run forward for one game ticket, and then automatically disconnect from the server. Doing this many times (I think maybe 20 times) worked to eventually get me through the blocks. Maybe I also threw ender pearls? IDK, but something did eventually work.

    I think Crubers69 wanted a picture of himself "sneaking into" the pet shop so I probably took this screenshot for him and uploaded it for him to get.


    This was also me experimenting with removing blocks from my client, but also instructing my client that I was dead, but not dead. I could walk around to a limited extent, but new chunks wouldn't load, and my movements and actions wouldn't actually be sent to the server. This allowed me to look around inside places I wouldn't normally be able to. I used this in the Market but not elsewhere.
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  5. RufusT

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    Your plugin definitely has potential, I can see it being used in tutorials, hints, etc. around a server. I'm sorry that it never made a debut on the HaftaCraft server (that I can recall) but I'd imagine other servers out there would use it.

    I miss HC and the community, I wish I (and everybody else in the MC world) had the time like we had 5-9 years ago!

    Keep on Craftin'



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