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    Thirteen (13) months later, I finally get around to another post. Now, onto the big news:

    HaftaCraft is going to make (yet) another comeback! This time for 1.12!

    I'm keeping this short for now, just to get the word out there but I'll be updating this post with additional information about the server progress, what's been going on the past 13 months, etc.

    So, keep checking back! I promise updates.

    UPDATE 6 (2017-08-18): Jesus F'n Christ, another power issue, took out my storage array! Yet again, lost my changes, but I think the main server is OK, not totally sure on that, need to check on that. But the bigger set back right now is it completely ate the 1.12 server. Fortunately, I have the next 4 days off from work, so I'm going to work on that. Not sure how far this has set me back, but I'd like to have the server ready for people to play in September.

    UPDATE 5 (2017-08-10): Had another power outage at the datacenter that wiped out backups of the main server. I restored back to a November 2016 backup so yeah, that happened. I'm looking forward to the 1.12 server now and can't focus much on the 1.8 server, so I'm sorry for any structures that were lost.

    Second, the power outage caused some loss on the 1.12 server and has set me back, so I'm aiming for a Sept. 1 launch of the 1.12 server now. Sorry guys, trying to do what I can in what little free time I've got.

    UPDATE 4 (2017-07-25): Graveyard shift sucks ass! I'm in it for 6 months now, with little time at night to work on the server like I had hoped. But, I have had the chance to change out a few plugins that were no longer working in 1.12, which is progress. I'm also working on finding a map seed I like but this is a time consuming process.

    My goal is to have the server ready for play on August 15th. I hope!

    UPDATE 3: Not server specific, but I've been moved to graveyard shift for the next 4 months so will be working on the server and moderating when possible. This will also allow me some time during the day to work on the server before nap time. I hope this will give me a good opportunity to get a solid server underway.

    UPDATE 2: A couple core plugins function in 1.12 but not with all of the 1.12 bells and whistles. Without these working, compromises the integrity of the server and the gaming experience, so I'm going to have to find what I can do alternatively.

    UPDATE 1: I'm having better success with plugins working with 1.12 than the 1.11 server I was previously working on. This is because some plugin developers have updated their code, or others have contributed to make the plugins work better with 1.12.
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    Well isn't that something! Just beautiful!

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