Fricken_cat Raided?

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by ShadowGaming, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming Member

  2. CaveCreeper

    CaveCreeper Member

    I heard you all caused quite a ruckus. Your way of making friends has always astounded me. ;)
  3. Fricken_Cat

    Fricken_Cat Member

    So you mean to tell me you first have the gall to tank hack in a 2v1 fight then x-ray into my base? What an idiot. You can't get 10 x-switches like that in under an hour without cheating, they were literally all around the mountain.
    If any staff members feel like checking my base out to see what I mean it'll be obvious he cheated in.
  4. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming Member

    Keep calling hacks kid. Mind telling what tank hacks are? Because I have no clue what they are.

    Also I burnt all your shit.
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  5. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming Member

    You know me man. I have made friends with the right people. :]
  6. CaveCreeper

    CaveCreeper Member

    I tend to watch my friends more carefully then others, so don't count your chips. Hell i spend 50% of my time playing stalking Lme999...
  7. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming Member

    I already ate the chips, watch me all you want. You won't find anything :D
  8. Cabbage

    Cabbage New Member

    I'm not mad at all about being raided but there's no need to be such a dick to everyone about it, it's just a game dude
  9. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming Member

    mmmm tell that to Cat, even tho its all calmed down now.
  10. kory_sylvan

    kory_sylvan Administrator Staff Member

    So I didn't even really know about this until it was briefly mentioned to me a few minutes; what exactly happened here?
  11. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming Member

    Basically their base was raided by me and some of the other people on the server.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2015

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