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  1. RufusT

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    Money money money
  2. kory_sylvan

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    I remember near the end of the Factions server I had gotten a simple auction house plugin working, and if I remember correctly it was moderately popular with those who were still active. Basically, there was a special chest at spawn (it could also be placed somewhere in the market when the server is redone) that opened an auction house like that in WoW or Runescape where you could put items up for sale or buy from what was currently offered using notes. What would everyone think about adding such a plugin to the new server?
  3. CaveCreeper

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    Hey I talked about this here!

    Don't force people to go to an area to use the auction, it should be global without a doubt, saves players time and energy. Outside of auctioning I'm not sure what else you would want besides an admin shop. If you were to have an Auction house you might as well set up shop plots.
  4. Potjie

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    I know you get a plugin where you just hold the items you want to sell and you can either /sell or /auction makes it so much easier
  5. ShadowGaming

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  6. RufusT

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    Previously we used a plugin called floAuction and GlobalMarket. I have our original config saved from each of those plugins so I can look at re-adding one or both. TBH floAuction I had planned on adding back once we get a population.

    Potjie: I think the AdminShop (/warp market) will take care of that for you.

    Jared: my plans for auction (floAuction, barring farther 1.8/1.9 research) are to have auction world-wide. I don't believe auctions should be region specific, so I agree with you.

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