HaftaCraft Server Rules


  1. [1.1] Any kind of Cheating, glitching, and hacking are NOT allowed.
  2. [1.2] Griefing into another players base is NOT allowed.
  3. [1.3] Mineshafts are free game as long as they are not made of placed blocks. This rule does not apply for player bases, the difference between the two is obvious.
  4. [1.4] If a player hides by digging into the ground or placing blocks around them, they are still free game, go on after them.
  5. [1.5] Does not apply at said players base.
  6. [1.6] These rules do NOT apply to the End and the Nether.
  7. [1.7] PvP and raiding are allowed, but remember any kind of griefing is not allowed.
  8. [1.8[ All bases must have a legal enterance!
  9. [1.9] Please view the section titled "Legal Enterance Ruleset".
  10. [1.10] Contact a moderator if you believe a base does not have a legal enterance! DO NOT GRIEF IN, legit base or not this is qualifications for an immediate ban!
  11. [1.11] Do not block chests to prevent raiding.
  12. [1.12] Connecting redstone contraptions to block and lock up chests are allowed, as long as the redstone is all connected within the base.
  13. [1.13] Camping bases, logging out inside of, as well as using /back in anothers base is not allowed. TPA is however allowed.
  14. [1.14] Camping is whenever you sit inside of their base 10 minutes after there is no longer any gain to be obtained.
  15. [1.15] Moderators will be in charge of determining the factors of this sub-rule.
  16. [1.16] Do not PvP log. Do not use /back in PvP situations.
  17. [1.17] PvP logging is defines as having been in combat anytime in the past 15 seconds before you log out.
  18. [1.18] Do not one sidedly harass other players. Arguing is fine as long as you take it to Private Messaging or another chat.
  19. [1.19] Don't use highly offensive racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs on the server, it can still offend players even if you didn't intend to.
  20. [1.20] Cursing is fine in moderation, however if you are asked by a moderator to stop then please listen to them.
  21. [1.21] Do not argue with the staff. Once they have made a decision it is your job to follow it, if you feel as though they are abusing their power or have ignored the rules for personal reasons, contact a admin or another member of the mod team and detail the situation.
  22. [1.22] Provide proof with any of your claims, though we can check up on players, it saves everyone trouble if you just provide proof ahead of time.

Legal Enterance Ruleset:

  1. [2.1] A base requiring a legal enterance is any kind of residence or place where items can be stored, even if its a 1x1 hole.
  2. [2.2] All bases and rooms must have an enterance that require two or less players to get through. Items can not be required to get to or open a lock.
  3. [2.3] Placing blocks or redstone to open or get past a door is OK. Excessive spam is not.
  4. [2.4] As of now there is no limit on the amount of possible combinations a lock can have, this is subject to change in the future.
  5. [2.5] Do not dig around a base, while enderpearling through an existing hole is allowed, digging in or around to create an enterance of any form is not allowed
  6. [2.6] Accidents will happen, just fix up the hole and contact a moderator. Do not raid if it does happen, that will be reason for a ban.
  7. [2.7] If your accident places you inside the redstone room, close it up immediatly without viewing the redstone.
  8. [2.8] If you take to long to replace the blocks we will consider you as having viewed their redstone illegitly, preventing you from raiding their base in the future.
  9. [2.9] Call one mod for a raid, if you feel as though they change their lock during or after the raid/attempted raid then once again contact the staff.

Apr 6, 2016
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